About Us


Wildmart Africa is a leading international company based in Nairobi, Kenya, that provides high quality Wildlife, Bioenterprise, Forestry, Environmental and Science Supplies to conservancies, state corporations, companies, individuals, universities, wildlife research and conservation charities, and non-governmental agencies mostly around the East Africa region. We take great pride in all the equipment and supplies that we offer and endavour throughout to ensure our clients are satisfied.

We also offer rental services that may cater to your short-term projects, event needs and social outing events e.g. camping, retreats, sport events, parties e.t.c. and a trade section that deals with second hand products. This includes used products that are in good condition and can be used efficiently to your convinience. These products are cheaper as compared to the ones in the other sections.


With a workforce of well versed and experienced professionals, you are guaranteed to get the right products, of the right quality and a personal service to be proud of. Wildmart Africa’s staff is on hand to help you via online chat, phone and email. You can follow us on twitter and Facebook to have your queries dealt with and for daily updates on our products and services in all categories.

We work closely with our suppliers around the world to ensure we get consistent quality supply of raw materials and update our processes and technology to accomodate improvements in working with technical fabrics. We fit into the value addition supply chain ensuring mutual benefit for all concerned.