Aluminium Mist Net Poles


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These Ecotone aluminium mist nets poles have been purpose designed for mist netting, whether to catch bats or birds. The aluminium is high quality, which makes them lighweight, durable and rust-proof. The seamless construction and black coating ensure that mist nets will slide easily up and down the poles and that the risk of poles jamming should be minimised. Thanks to segmented construction it’s very easy to adjust the pole to exactly the correct height and extra segments are available separately. ¬†Each section has two holes at the top, so that a guy rope can be anchored to the top of a pole and so that extra string can be strung through to raise and lower the net.

The Ecotone aluminium mist net poles are available as separate sections, as a 3-section pole (which comprises two top sections and one bottom spiked section) or as a complete set of two x 3-section poles. The complete 2 pole set comes with a free aluminium mist net pole mounting kit. This kit has been purposely designed to support the aluminium mist net poles.The working length of the assembled 3-section pole is 2.84 metres, and each segment is 1 metre in length and weighs 200g (top section) or 250g (bottom section). The 3-section pole weighs 650g. Pole diameter:16mm


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