Mist Net Mounting Set (Set A)


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“The mounting set will help to ensure the net is stable and secure. The rubber rope will also counter the effect of net stretch over time, whilst ensuring the nets are protected against overstretching. One mounting set is enough for 2 poles.This mist net mounting set is compatible with the telescopic mist net pole and is specifically designed for use with all our mist nets. The set is available in two versions; Set A for mist nets 3 to 15m long, and Set B for mist nets 15 to 21m long. The mounting set comprises; * 2 pieces of 4m long rubber rope (Set A: 6mm diameter rope, Set B: 8mm diameter rope).
* 4 tent pegs (length: 30cm).
* Cotton storage bag.Specification
Set A: suitable for mist nets of 3 to 15m length
Set B: suitable for mist nets of 15 to 21m length
Set weight: 0.38kg (Set A) or 0.56kg (Set B)”


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