Opticron Hand Lens 23mm 10x Magnification


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A pocket loupe or hand lens is an essential part of the naturalist’s field kit. Whether your interest is in plants or insects, rocks or small mammals, a magnifying lens will allow you to observe the finer details which will improve both your identification skills and your overall appreciation for the intricacies of the natural world.

This Opticron Hand Lens contains a high quality 23mm doublet lens and provides excellent distortion-free magnification. The 10x magnification is recommended for general observations and this magnifier is the one most commonly recommended for all types of fieldwork.When not in use, the PMMA lens pivots inside the brushed alloy metal casing so that it is protected from scratches and knocks

This also makes it very compact and it will easily fit into a pocket or bag. Th.is hand lens also has a useful metal loop for attaching a neck cord.To use a hand lens, hold it close to your eye then bring the specimen up to the lens until the point where it is in focus.


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